Welcome to Pauly Soul Stuff. The intention of this website is to introduce you to several workshops designed to deepen your SOULAR experience in this lifetime while smiling.

Happiness is just a workshop away. Have fun as you explore these options and remember to smile on the inside out.

An intense, yet simple, individual 3-5 hour process, Soul Connection allows you to connect with that core essence of who you really are. That reflection of the divine often referred to as the soul, and through this connection gain insight and awareness of your soulís purpose in this life experience.

Shamebusters is a one-day workshop for women and men to learn about TRICKSTER SHAME. Shame in its dysfunction has not been dealt with for generations in this culture and we carry our ancestorsí shame. You will learn tools to successfully shift old patterns that may predate your birth.

A highly experiential workshop, Soular Power will examine and explore deep rooted, cellular life experiences that may be blocking you from being in the “bliss” of your SOUL’S purpose.

Mother Peace is a workshop for women to explore and begin to understand the dynamics of Mother/Daughter relationships. This workshop is for a woman whose mother is either living or not.

Check out these links for more info and as soon as I win the lottery we will be building a beautiful healing center.


Soul Connection   YES I CAN Change   Shame Busters   Shroud of Shame

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