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Search Engine Optimization Intake Form

This form should take approximately 10-20 minutes.
Please be very detailed in your answers to the following questions.
Please indicate which service(s) you are interested in:
Search Engine Optimization SEO Maintenance
Other:(Please Describe Below)
Company Name:
Company Phone:
Company URL:
(ex. www.wingsdove.com)
What is your primary industry?
Describe in detail the service or product your company provides:
Please indicate who is your direct competition: (List at least 2 company names and URL's)
Company Name URL:
What aspects (products and/or services) distinguish your company from the competition?
What "keywords" would you like to have top rankings for? Separate, each, keyword, with, a, comma.
Defining Your Audience
Describe your target market in as much detail as possible, such as: age, marital status, level of education, income, type of residence, etc. (Ex. college educated single or married women ages 18-44 with income over $40,000.00 who own their own home; single parents ages 20-45 etc.)
How does most of your target market connect to the Internet?
Dial-up DSL Cable

When someone asks about your company, what would you want them to say?

Defining Your Web site Purpose
Select the most appropriate statements for your web site:
We need our web site to feature information about our company as well as all of our products and/or services
We need our web site to advertise and sell our products and/or services
We need our web site to invite potential customers to request more information or quotes for our products and/or services
We need our web site to rank high on search engine results
We need our web site to generate new business
What's MOST important to you when considering which SEO Company to hire?
Additional Questions / Comments:

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