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Search Engine Optimization

The definition of "optimize:"  "to make as perfect, effective, or functional as possible."

Effective Search Engine Optimization includes the following,

  • Keyword research: Identifying the keywords and phrases used in actual searches for your products or services on the Internet. 

  • Competition Research: Identifying all the keywords and linking methods used by your competition, particularly those competitors on the first page of results for your selected keywords.  

  • Search engine content writing: Writing keyword rich content for each optimized web page which will then be correctly indexed by the search engines.

  • Website redesign:  Re-designing the web site, if necessary, to give the search engine access to the important content they are searching for. Some Web designs, such as Flash,for example, are not search engine friendly.

  • Technical Review: The technical functioning of a web site has become more and more important over the years, sich as page download times, broken hyperlinks, duplicated meta descriptions, server errors, misconfigured cannonical link elements and more.

  • Link development:  Instituting and building high quality inbound links to your web site to increase what search engines consider "votes" for your web site.  These inbound links determine the ranking of your web pages on the search engine result pages when potential customers or clients search for the products or services your are offering. The link building process normally takes three to six months depending on the amouint of competition your keywords. The link building process could be longer for highly competative keywords.

These are a few of the critical elements of effective search engine optimization.  In addition to the optimization of the content of your web site we also provide a monthly search engine optimization maintenance service which includes link development. It takes continual monitoring and SEO maintenance to get your Web site to the top of the search engine results and to keep it there. 

Search Engine Optimization plans are available for almost every budget.  We work hard at keeping our optimization prices affordable for small to mid-size business owners and non-profit organizations.  Our Search Engine Optimization methods are natural, organic and ethical, following Google's Webmaster Guidelines.

Contact us about our optimization services if you are interested in a free preliminary brief review of your site.

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"Very knowledgeable and concise. I was amazed at everything she knows, and I trust her completely. I got great results within a few short weeks!"

Don Mackey, owner

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