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The Best Free Software on the Internet

Many thanks to the talented Web's freeware authors. They, in the true spirit of the Internet, do what they do simply for the pleasure of their craft and the pleasure of sharing and we are the beneficiaries.  All of these Free Software recommendations have been tested, come from safe sources and are clean of adware, spyware or any other malicious code.  The links provided below will take you directory to the download site.

Free Internet Browser   free software   Free Intrusion Detection System   free software   Free Anti-Virus

Free Word Processing and Free Spreadsheet Software   free software   Free Image Editor

FREE Mozilla FireFox Browser

The hundreds of extensions available for FireFox allow users to customize the product to meet their own specific needs. You can install extension performing functions ranging from saving your tabbed browser sessions through to telling you the weather forecast. They transform FireFox from being a browser to being YOUR browser.

In a year marked by a tidal wave of spyware exploits FireFox offers users a welcome lifeline. FireFox is nowhere near as vulnerable to these attacks as Internet Explorer. Many Firefox users say that the number of spyware infections on their PCs has dropped to almost zero since installing FireFox.

FireFox was designed right from the start with safety and security in mind. The risk is further reduced because FireFox does not support active scripting such Microsoft's trouble-prone ActiveX.

FireFox is recommended to all users as a security accessory. In that role it shines.  Firefox is also an outstanding Internet Browser. Mozilla's FireFox can be found at http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/


Prevx Home, FREE Intrusion Detection Software

Most users will end up installing at least one intrusion detection software product (IDS) on their PC at some time. That's because IDS provide a vital additional layer of protection against internet security threats.

Current security products like anti-virus software and spyware scanners have a serious weakness. They are only effective at protecting you from viruses, worms, trojans and spyware that are currently listed in their signature databases. They offer little protection against new malware products whose signatures are unknown.

Many anti-virus vendors only distribute updates to their signature files on a weekly basis. In the interval between updates your PC is vulnerable to new threats. Unfortunately such threats can propagate across the internet in hours.

IDS detect malware trying to get into your PC by its behavior rather than by looking for a characteristic signature. Unlike other IDS programs like WinPatrol and TeaTimer, Prevx runs as a kernel level service rather than a normal windows program. This means it can not be easily attacked and pulled down by hostile malware programs. This protection is vital as many malware products routinely pull down or disable security products. No other product offers this combination of outstanding detection combined with hardened self security.

But this effectiveness comes at a cost. IDS programs are notorious for flashing up many false alarms and Prevx is no different. That's because it's so good at watching your computer that it inadvertently catches legitimate programs carrying out legitimate activities.

When first installed it issues dozens of security warnings. The good news is that Prevx gradually learns what is legitimate and what is not so the number of warning messages slowly declines over time. In the interim though expect to get warnings frequently. Such is the cost of security.

Those prepared to accept the inconvenience will be rewarded with a dramatic upgrade in their computer security. Prevx IDS can be found at http://www.prevx.com/.


AVG FREE Anti-Virus (for single user) 4.89 MB

If you are looking for a top quality anti-virus package you will find it here. AVG technology is new, and offers complete protection from all virus attack routes. With the free edition you get: Resident Protection; Email Scanner; On-Demand Scanner; Scheduled Tests; Free Updates on a daily basis; Automatic Update; Easy-To-Use Interface; Automatic Healing of infected files; and a Virus Vault for safe handling of infected files.

The AVG Anti-Virus software is unique in that it shields computers from viruses, trojans horses and worms with a multi-level approach that is more comprehensive than most protection programs.  AVG Anti-Virus can be found at http://www.grisoft.com/us/us_index.php.


602pc Suite 4.1 FREE Word Processing and FREE Spreadsheet Software

It's said to be an alternative to MS Office, but it's far better! And it's free. There are four applications in the Suite. A word processor, that supports MS Word format; a spreadsheet, that supports MS Excel format; a graphics editor, that supports IE 5 formats; and a digital photo organizer. With the look and feel of MS Word, 602Text is the best word processor alternative on the market today. It internally uses the MS Word DOC format - 9x/2000/XP - and it can also open TXT, RTF and HTML files.

In many situations you will find this word processor more useful than expensive solutions from other vendors. 602Text is not overloaded with unused functions and that is why it is small and effective for any PC user. On the other hand, widely used functions allow even a beginner to easily create high-quality professional looking documents. Comes with built in dictionaries for English - UK and US -, French, German, Italian, Portuguese - Brazilian, Spanish - Castilian. The unique MagicText function adds a professional touch in just a few seconds.

602Tab is an Excel compatible spreadsheet with over 150 available functions. Uses the XLS format - 9x/2000/XP - and it can also open CSV and DBF files. There's lots more, but download and use it - you won't regret it. 13.6MB. Windows XP/Me/NT4/2000/98/95. 602pc Suite can be found at http://www.software602.com/download/ .


PhotoPlus 5.5 FREE Image Editor

It comes with great image-manipulation tools, it supports layers, and I can open .psd (Photoshop) files in it without anything strange happening to the image or to my computer.

Activation: You'll need to register PhotoPlus before you can use it. Enter a valid email address to get the activation number.

All the basics: PhotoPlus has all the staples you've come to expect from an image editor.

  • It supports layers just like Photoshop.

  • It has a nice selection of tools, including smudge, clone, and a variety of selection shapes. You're not limited to the rectangle and lasso tools.

  • It comes with an unlimited "undo" feature.

  • The text feature is great for adding customized titles. The tool makes it easy to change wording and text style.

  • The program comes with a built-in "export optimizer." It lets you try out and preview your image at various quality settings and formats before you save it.

  • Web designers will appreciate the Image Maps feature which enables you add links to graphics.

Whether you need to create an image from scratch, swap heads with your favorite celebrity, or restore old family photos, this program has all the features you need. PhotoPlus 5.5 Image Editor can be found at http://www.freeserifsoftware.com/serif/ph/ph5/index.asp.


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