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What our clients say . . .

“I hired Mary for Web design and feel that I received much more. She provided me not only with the design that I was looking for but also an expert opinion the design and ways to achieve the look I wanted while making the design more pleasing to potential customers. Mary is professional, attentive, very detail oriented and personable. She evaluates a customer's needs then provides options, with much attention to detail. Mary shapes the project to meet the customer's needs while providing guidance throughout the duration of the project. I would highly recommend Mary's work.”

Ailene A.


"Very knowledgeable and concise. I was amazed at everything she knows, and I trust her completely. I got great results within a few short weeks!"

Don Mackey, owner


At Center for Grief Recovery we wanted to create a web site as a public service
to help people locally and nationally in the area of bereavement. From the
get-go, WingsDove was responsive and professional. Our web site is superb! Not only does it deliver the information we want, it is also artistic. We couldn't be
more satisfied!"

David Fireman, Psy.D.,
Institute for Creativity & Development
Center for Grief Recovery & Sibling Loss

"Mary has the unique combination of incorporating creativity with concrete facts. She created for me a web site that many colleagues find outstanding. She knows her business"

Judith Pauly

"Mary has done a terrific job of creating a web site for our business. She utilized her knowledge & skills in optimizing each of our web pages. Without her patience (we had no idea what we were getting into!), suggestions, creativity & flexibility, our site truly would not be what it is today. Thanks again, Mary!

Sheila Miehle, Vice-President,
Eagle Printing and Thermographing

"Mary spent a great deal of time and energy to work with me to create what I wanted. It was/is important to her for me to be happy. As an artist in my own field I wanted my web site to look a certain way and Mary worked with me to create that. Her ideas were helpful and she had a gift of working with and incorporating my non-techy needs/wants/ideas with the technical aspects of creating a web site. Even now after our contract is complete she sends me information about how to improve my web site and continues to answer my questions."

Teresita Fawcett, Director,
What If . . .(un)LTD.

"Mary did a great job at designing my web site. It required much time and creativity, and Mary rose to the challenge. I was very pleased with the end product and she was very easy to work with."

Jamie Siegel, Owner,

"I owned a web site that I couldn't pay people to look at. The previous web design company was a horrific experience. Mary was able to analyze and correct numerous design and keyword problems that existed. Excellent work and reasonable prices. I wish I would have known about her services to begin with. Oh well, least at I know where Mary is now."

Erol Kartal, President,
Sell By Owner Listings, Inc.

"We consider ourselves fortunate to have discovered Mary and her SEO talents. Mary's approach is informative and methodical. Mary fully explains the ends and the means to get there. In addition, Mary's design abilities in conjunction with here technical SEO abilities make her unique. Not only to we have an appealing design but also a design inlayed with important content that drives successful SEO."

David Artman, President, Velocity Products, Inc.

"Mary designed a cutting edge web site for my insurance company. She was creative, easy to work with, attentive and very professional. Mary is an excellent networker, she has a wealth of contacts several of which I now use regularly. She was a big help to my business and I would highly recommend her."

John Banks

"Mary has produced several very clear, effective, and affordable web sites for our business. I would recommend her for anyone who needs a solid beginning web presence."

Tom Daly,

"Mary Walilko is professional, friendly and talented. She goes out of her way to provide exactly what you are looking for in your web design. She is adventurous and creative in her work. In the beginning of working together, we had very different interpretations of the design. Mary stayed with it until I was happy and she produced a wonderful web site. She was patient and enthusiastic during the entire process. I have and do recommend her work.

Mariel Rubin,

"Thanks so much for all your hard work and patience. I love the web site and it has turned out so well. I am glad you talked me into an image per page with the black background. It really makes the image viewable."

Adrienne Lahr,

"I am very pleased with your work!   I appreciate your suggestions . . . please add me to your list of happy customers."

Marc R.,

"To be blessed with the services of someone who sees what you see in your minds eye, and to manifest your vision within the contents of your web site, is the illumined gift that Mary Walilko delivers each step of the way."

Dawn Johnson,
Metaphysical Memoires,
Promotions Personified

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