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Web Design Services

At WingsDove Web design services, you will find solutions for all of your web needs:

  • Custom Web design
  • Use-centered Web design
  • Search engine friendly Web design
  • Custom Web graphics design
  • HTML coding
  • CSS coding
  • Flash animation
  • Illustration
  • Audio and/or Video Streaming
  • Shopping Cart and Ecommerce Installation and Customization
  • Templates for client-maintained web sites
  • Web development for Linux or Windows hosting
  • Scripting
  • Complete site testing in all major Internet browsers

You understand the importance of creating a user-centered custom web design and search engine friendly web design. With a user-centered design your visitors are more likely to convert into clients or customers as they will find your web site easy to navigate and their online shopping experience almost effortless. With a search engine friendly web design, the search engines will find, index and rank your web site for the products selling and services you are providing.

Your user-centered and search engine friendly Web design will

  • increase your market exposure,
  • make your products or services easily accessible on-line to existing customers
  • bring in new customers.

Whether you are selling products or providing services or information, your web site can become a very effective tool for growing your business or non-profit organization.

"Mary has done a terrific job of creating a web site for our business. She utilized her knowledge & skills in optimizing each of our web pages. Without her patience (we had no idea what we were getting into!), suggestions, creativity & flexibility, our site truly would not be what it is today. Thanks again, Mary!

Sheila Miehle, Vice-President,
Eagle Printing and Thermographing

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