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Custom SEO Web Design

You will receive a custom web design that not only is attractive, it is also clear, logical, easy to navigate and very user-friendly to your visitors.  The most important information is clearly presented on each page in an easy-to-follow format.  Each web site has intuitive navigation, clear and very visible contact information and the flow from page to page is clearly and simply presented.  Each page has a "call-to-action" for your visitors, commerce web sites are easy to use and the check-out process is simple and logical. 

Your web site will be designed from information you provide about yourself and your business and will be designed to appeal to your target market as well as be your own unique web presence. A web site for a wholesale auto accessories supplier will look very different than a web site for personal growth workshop presenter. Each site in our custom design portfolio, our optimized web design portfolio and ecommerce web design portfolio is custom designed for each of our clients.

Studies report that most visitors decide within 10 seconds or less if your web site has what they are looking for.  Their eyes dart around very quickly looking for something, such as a text or a link, to tell them if you have what they are looking for.  If they don't see it within that very brief time period, they leave your web site and move on to the next one. Those few seconds are all the time you have to catch the attention of your potential customer or client.

You can be assured that your custom web design from WingsDove will include strategically placed elements that follow the eye path of the average web site visitor.

Contact us at 800.439.0270 or send an email to mary@wingsdove.com and find out what we can do for you.

"Mary spent a great deal of time and energy to work with me to create what I wanted. It was/is important to her for me to be happy. As an artist in my own field I wanted my web site to look a certain way and Mary worked with me to create that. Her ideas were helpful and she had a gift of working with and incorporating my non-techy needs/wants/ideas with the technical aspects of creating a web site. Even now after our contract is complete she sends me information about how to improve my web site and continues to answer my questions."

Teresita Fawcett, Director,
What If . . .(un)LTD.

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